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3 Hotel Brands That Make Integrated Marketing Look Easy

3 Hotel Brands That Make Integrated Marketing Look Easy

Here at Pixel8, we love a good integrated marketing campaign.

Creating a central branding message and theme to apply throughout a whole marketing campaign is one of the things we do best, helping to instantly generate recognisable and memorable brands across the world.

With this in mind, we can’t wait to share some first-rate examples of this strategy that we’re fanatical about in holiday parks.



One brand you may be familiar with is YO! Company. 

In 2002, founder Simon begins to form ideas for YOTEL, a Japanese style capsule hotel inspired by a first class airline sleeper bed. He recruited help designing his hotel brand from the bright spark that designed the British Airways capsule, resulting in the creation of YOTEL, “small, but smart”.

Integrated throughout the hotels is the brand of sleek and adaptable spaces to suit the needs of individuals. Automated check in and out is the standard, with a futuristic décor and consistent layout in all YOTEL rooms, in addition to the “YOBOT”, robotically controlled luggage storage.

YOTEL is a great example of an integrated marketing technique used brilliantly as it creates an exceptionally memorable experience that you wouldn’t forget within the hotel.

Additionally, the hotel brand excels at utilising several platforms including an active Twitter to interact with customers and their target market. A recently implemented an app for even easier check in and out, recommendations around the city enabling direct contact with YOTEL expands their customer contact even more, further reinforcing their company image. Check out YOTEL for more info.


Center Parcs

An iconic brand in Britain, with its mossy green colour scheme and logo of falling leaves forming a bird, is Center Parcs.

Its signature short break holidays are synonymous with a nature filled experience in a forest location, with the focus on family time and adventure. This instantly recognisable theme is key to Center Parcs’ strong brand, and they use a combination of social network platforms to create a friendly persona while interacting with customers and the public.

The use of Twitter and Facebook allows a fast direct line to address comments and complaints, and their .Zqd2IeP1.dpbs">blog acts as the perfect place to announce new menus, competitions, and link relevant articles to give visitors as much information as possible. Effective coordination of media platforms can has done wonders for Center Parcs’ image, giving them such a stellar reputation for short UK breaks.



Radisson is another hotel implementing integrated marketing to reinforce its brand. This can be seen in Radisson’s use of Twitter and Facebook to share visitors’ Instagram pictures and keep followers up to date with new projects and affiliations - such as their recent partnership with Tough Mudder 2015.

By retweeting and sharing content from their customers they encourage interaction with their brand, strengthening their image, as well as holding regular competitions to ensure their own posts are also shared and have a wider reach.

Example of pixel8’s work with Hotel Radisson

Radisson also have a successful Pinterest, playing on the popularity of wedding planning boards on the site by creating a “Say ‘I Do’ at Radisson” board to showcase glamorous ceremonies at various Radisson hotels.

This enforces their image as a luxury location for events such as weddings; additionally, they add pictures of exotic hotel locations and poolsides that are also very popular on the social media platform. This more unique approach of using Pinterest, a more visual platform, gives Radisson another opportunity to reach visitors and add even more to their customer experience.


Integrated marketing in the hospitality sector

Here at Pixel8, we can help you create your own integrated marketing strategy; building a thriving social media presence with a strong brand image, allowing your business to reach its full potential.

If you want to keep up to date with the latest hotel news, follow us on Twitter or say hello on Facebook!

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