The 5 Essential Blogs for Digital Marketers Right Now
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5 Essential Blogs for Digital Marketers Right Now

5 Essential Blogs for Digital Marketers Right Now

How do you get better at digital marketing? First, you need to do it yourself. Second, you need to read about best practices from people who have already succeeded.

The value of smart, complex digital marketing strategy can’t be overstated. Whether you want to jumpstart your own business efforts, target a more specific audience, or just make sure you’re up to date with cutting-edge insights in a rapidly changing field, look to these leading blogs for wisdom. Here are are 5 must-read blogs you’ll want to bookmark and keep a close eye on in the year ahead.

Hubspot Marketing Blog

First up is HubSpot. With dedicated blogs to marketing, agency and sales, this website covers many bases; its tagline of “Where Marketers go to Grow” is certainly appropriate.  HubSpot’s marketing blog is an authoritative resource loaded with inbound marketing strategy, templates, infographics, and how-tos related to lead gen, analytics, landing pages, blogging, SEO, and social.

From tips on how to improve web design skills, what makes a TED talk go viral, how to quickly create an infographic, digital marketers need to check-in with this blog on a regular basis. A good all-round technology, social media and marketing blog that will continue to spark new strategies and ideas even the best digital marketers amongst us, may not have even considered. HubSpot is an invaluable subscription to any marketer.

Official Google Blog

With Google being the most widely utilised search engine, Google’s Official Blog should be a first-stop for SEO and content managers for research on search trends and trending content and events.
With weekly “Through the Google Lens” posts, savvy marketers know exactly what is happening online, right now. Always one for keeping track of the date for interesting anniversaries, the Google BlogSpot enables marketers to be aware of historical occurrences on that day that are relevant specific industries. This is a great opportunity for content marketers to use this hot information for promotions and blog topics which in turn amplifies their brand against a relevant trending topic. Google also produces statistics, graphs and charts on recent online searches that could potentially be valuable to marketers if the material is relevant to their brand’s field.

Duct Tape Marketing

The Duct Tape Marketing blog is full of new, innovative ideas you could use for your brand. Duct Tape Marketing produces weekly podcasts that are perfect for busy marketers to absorb information on-the-go. This blog also generates a large volume of interesting, engaging blogs in an easy to read format that would be ideal for busy marketers to have a brief look at if they have a spare 5 minutes. In addition, Duct Tape often has blogs by authors who have written a book on that specific subject area, which would give marketers the option to look further into topics that may interest them or may benefit the brand substantially.

Social Media Examiner

If your brand has a substantial social media presence, or is looking to develop one, you need to check-in with this blog. These savvy bloggers have a whole plethora of ideas to improve the way your brand uses social media, and no matter how long you have been utilising these platforms, this blog will present new ideas for you to establish your brand’s image online. With tips from how to engage successfully with your audience, to controlling access to social media accounts with multiple administrators, Social Media Examiner covers both creative and practical topics that will aid you in a multitude of ways.

Market Domination Media

Market Domination Media aims to educate marketers on how to generate website traffic to your brand and its website through successful content marketing. For new or small brands that haven’t yet made much headway in this area, this blog contains essential tips to form your content marketing strategy. Market Domination Media also has a weekly newsletter you can subscribe to for a compressed version of the blogs to save busy marketers more time to put the tips in to practice.

Do you have any digital marketing blog recommendations? Have you read a blog that has played a key part in your digital marketing strategy? Comment below or join in the conversation on Twitter .

Written by Yasmin Caine

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