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Pantone Colours of the Oscars Dresses 2015

Oscars eh? Yeah, yeah, yeah, who doesn’t love a bit of Patricia Arquette? And Eddie Redmayne did an’ a ‘alf do a good Stephen Hawking. However, we’re creatives so we’re into the fashion, and more specifically the colours. 

Personally speaking my favourite colour for a frock is International Klein Blue, the matte, highly pigmented shade that Yves Klein registered as a trademark colour in 1957. The announcement card for his exhibition in 1957 described it as ‘a blue in itself, disengaged from all functional justification’, but whatever, to me it’s just a beautiful shade that makes my eyeballs dance. Uma Thurman pulled it off in Cannes in 2011 and Jessica Alba was nearly there at the BAFTA’s also in 2011.


Since then, no-one has come close to getting that shade quite as right as they did, and having scoured the internet this morning I can safely say there was not one outing for it at last nights Oscars. 

However, there were some truly beautiful and interesting alternatives. We doubt they would have concerned themselves with the exact Pantone colours of their frocks, that’s the sort of thing that floats our boat. So here we go:

Zoe Saldana (Pantone 7513 C) strutted about in that buttery shade of pink that is supposed to evoke a feeling of wealth, wisdom and illumination amongst us mere mortals, but actually was more commonly seen in a 1980’s bathroom. Fair play though, she still managed to look lovely.


Scarlett Johansson will be chuffed to bits to see herself splattered all over this morning’s worst dressed lists, bless her, but we at pixel8 thought she looked an absolute ripper in Pantone 626 C which is a shade of green that very nicely suggests wealth in all its forms, including, would you believe, creative ideas. So she can (and no doubt will) take comfort in that.


J-Lo looked a bugger in brown (Pantone 4665 C), or should we say ‘caramel’. I’m sure she thought she was evoking a sense of warmth and sex appeal and quite frankly with a face like hers and $100 odd million in the bank who gives a monkeys if she resembles a pile of something a small child would throw up after shoveling down one too many Easter eggs.


Unfortunately though, they weren’t all howlers, Emma Stone in Pantone 460 U looked delicious and was our favourite of the night in a custom (what else) Elie Saab gown that was dripping with intricate beading. Someone give that girl a ‘best dressed’ klaxon!


Lady Gaga got it right, we think, her dress suited her down to the ground and the bridal white was offset with some cracking tomato red leather gloves, in Pantone 7620 C, which is the colour of extremes, danger, passion, anger and adventure. Oooh, a little dash of the subversive – and why not Gaga, why the hell not?!


There’s something about pointing at rich, stupendously privileged, beautiful women and having a laugh that cheers us right up. Of course it’s all a matter of opinion, if you think J-Lo looks fab in Pantone 4665 C, more power to ya. I hope we see lots of replica outfits (in exactly the right colours now that we’ve given them away) at a Tiger Tiger near you soon!

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