Why Instagram is better than Vine for Video Marketing.
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Why Instagram is better than Vine for Video Marketing

Why Instagram is better than Vine for Video Marketing

According to TechCrunch, Instagram is the social network that is growing at record breaking speeds. With over 300 million users, half of whom joined over last year, it’s too big to ignore. Brands – its time to join the Instagram party.

Instagram is loved not least because of its instant photo sharing and sexy filtering capabilities. With the introduction of Video for Instagram back in June 2013, Instagram is now well and truly beating micro-video social network Vine, at its own game. Considering that 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others – an audience that will likely double by 2016 to 1.5 billion – and that the average UK attention span in 2014 was around 8 seconds long, we expect that our nation of digital goldfish will be using micro-video platforms even more in the future. Which one will be your ultimate go-to?

Even though Instagram is still mostly a photo-sharing application, the pixels think it’s more worth your business’s time is better spent creating videos using Instagram over Twitter's video baby, Vine.

Here are the four key advantages for businesses that we think you should keep in mind when forming your brand's video marketing campaign:

1. Instagram has more users.
As of October 2014, Instagram’s audience was 300 million, whereas Vine’s was 40 million. More importantly, Vine’s growth slowed after Instagram introduced their video feature.

2. Instagram is owned by Facebook, Vine by Twitter.
Not only does Instagram have a larger audience, it is also owned by Facebook, which has a much larger audience than Vine’s owner, Twitter. Last quarter's figures reported that Facebook had 1.35 billion active users, over five times more than Twitter’s 284 million. These stats imply simply, as a business, you will reach many more customers through Instagram than Vine. Winner.

3. You can do a lot more in 15 seconds than six.
Although it’s easy to fall hilariously on your arse in a six-second Vine video, it’s pretty hard to create a meaningful marketing message in that amount of time. Instagram’s 15-second maximum is much more generous, and allows you to flex your creativity and show more content.

4. Instagram has filters.

Beautiful, atmospheric filters are what really set Instagram apart from other networks (and make us look damn good when we're haven't used our YSL Touche Eclat). Not only can you share content on Instagram, but you can create a feel and an atmosphere that we imagine the pro-videosmiths spend years fine-tuning. Whether it's Vesper, Clarendon or Moon; you have sexy after-effects that set your video apart from the unfiltered Vine efforts
Tips for Engaging Users on Instagram

Post at Peak Times of Day and Week
Because Instagram is a mobile application, its peak hours are different from other social networks. For example, it’s not particularly popular during work hours like Facebook or Twitter are. Instead, Instagram users tend to be on consistently throughout the day.

Engagement Goals
Big brands tend to get around 24 reactions, per one thousand followers with video posts on Instagram. That should be a pretty good benchmark for your targeting efforts. Ensure that you optimise posts with hashtags and tagged users to encourage those Likes and Shares. Let your audience do the rest and act as your brand ambassadors.

Hashtag it up!

Unlike other platforms where too many hashtags make you seem over-zealous at the best of times (or very heavily caffeinated) hashtags are very effective on Instagram. The golden rule for posts is 5 hashtags, which garners the most reaction. 5 is the Instagram # sweet spot.
Tips for making your Instagram Video

What are you hoping to gain?

This is a bit of a no-brainer, but yes, figuring out the point behind the video will help you to plan the structure before you shoot. For example, if you want to make a funny video, you’ll need to have a funny pay-off at the crescendo, and build up to that moment for the rest of the video. Do you want to show someone using your product in various locations? Or do you want to show behind-the-scenes moments making your product or at an event? Does your video need to be all in one shot, or can it have multiple ones spliced together? Do you need props? All of these choices will influence the direction you take. Preparation and a plan is key – you can wing it now and again for a bit of spontaneity, but planned video marketing campaigns will bolster your brand's campaign efforts.

Use One Filter

Although you’ll likely have multiple shots, it’s wise to use one filter while shooting  This will give the video uniformity and won’t distract the viewer. Our absolute fave in the office is Ginza, its a beaut of a filter.

Use Unique Angles

Ask yourself “what can only I see?” This will help you create truly unique, captivating shots. Don’t be afraid to sit low or get up high, or pan it up or down. Go Pro's Instagram account caught our eye this week, they're big advocates of demonstrating how unusual camera-angles (those from canines, in this case) can really spice up your feed. This adorable 15-second time-lapse of Walter the dog running toward the ocean gives us an insight into the world of man’s best friend. We love it. 

Pay Attention to Sound

Yes, sound will be a big part of your video. Unless you plan on putting a voice over or music over the entire video, pay attention to sound while you’re shooting. Famously, pixel8 created a rather hilarious video via Twitter last Halloween and it wasn't until the playback did we notice members of the team laughing hysterically in the background – not exactly the eerie atmosphere we were trying to create. LOLs though. 

Pay Attention to Light

Although low light is not necessarily the enemy, don't hold low light shots for too long as they tend to appear grainy. Make sure that you pair low light shots with brighter shots on either side that can cover them up. And if you don’t need low light shots, we’d suggest simply not taking them.
Have a range of clips already saved on your phone
Feel like mixing your footage with a cute cat? It’d be wise to invest some time in downloading images and videos onto your phone that you’ll want to include in your video but don’t need to shoot. This is a great technique for brands, a flash of you logo, Twitter handle or campaign hashtag can work wonders – subtle, yet effective advertising.

We hope this article has inspired you to find your inner videosmith. Who knows, you could be the next Tarantino of the micro-video world. Stick with Instagram and you'll be winning, we guarantee it. If you'd rather let the digital marketing pixels take the reigns on your video marketing campaigns, just holla. Give us a shout on Twitter, a call or email and we'll help you to craft a video that will blow your customer's socks off.

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