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Pixel8 Work Experience Diary: Day Two

Pixel8 Work Experience Diary: Day Two

Our work experience gal Gemma recounts her second day working at Pixel8 HQ. Here's what she had to say:

My work for the day started as soon as I walked into the office this morning. I was given the task to write a couple of blog posts for the Pixel8 blog, and after all my research yesterday and in-depth conversation with my sister on the daily commute, I had ideas already forming. Having written two more blogs and polished them you’ll be able to read them here soon.

I was set another task to research information for a new infographic for one of the company’s clients. We give the information that we have found through research to the design team and they turn it into a vibrant image and I, having seen some of the teams existing infographics, am very much looking forward to seeing the end product.

This afternoon I worked on building up my personal twitter account. I mooched around on twitter-space for what seemed like hours, I thought I had followed hundreds of people but in actual fact I had only followed around 30 people. I’ll just have to spend more time browsing. Another thing I am starting to do is develop my own personal branding. It is so easy for someone to say ‘just be you’, but it’s quite difficult. I never feel like I am being myself on twitter so figuring out my tone of voice is the next step for me.

The last thing I did was make a big spreadsheet with possible future clients contact details, now this was a big step for me – I am no spreadsheet lover but knowing I was doing something productive for Pixel8 was very rewarding.

Now it’s definitely time to go home and have a rather large cup of tea. Feel free to check out my twitter for more Pixel8 work experience news!

Gemma x

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