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Pixel8 Work Experience Diary: Day Three

You probably know the drill by now, but if you don't...Gemma has joined us for work experience this week and has been keeping a daily diary via the blog, so here's the 3rd installment...
I breezed into the office nice and early this morning and then it dawned on me that I now only have two more days left until I leave Pixel8 and return to my normal school day life and I don’t relish the idea of it.
Today I have been looking at more spreadsheets, finding more contact numbers for the company and also using a spreadsheet for analytics. Now, as cool as analytics are I think I’ll leave the numbers in the hands of the experts. I do however, like how you can look at how many people have visited the site, how long for, what device they used etc. because all of the information can allow you to improve your website and thus better your product. It’s all very clever if you ask me.
I also spent some time this afternoon looking at logos and seeing what fonts work for certain words, I picked my own top five and then picked a top three that I thought my parents would like (so I picked the boring ones, obviously) the idea is the logo will be for a private school’s magazine. This task came straight after I had been staring at spreadsheets so breaking away and looking at some designs was one almighty relief. 
I tweeted a link to an article on my twitter earlier and I’ll mention it here too, I was reading about ways to find your voice and how to brand yourself  - on Copy Blogger - A brilliant blog which has pointed me in the right direction, it says I should utilise my  quirks (which means I should probably figure out what my quirks are – if I have any) and apparently it’s completely okay for me to say ‘crikey’ or ‘fabulous’ in a blog post and I am definitely on board with that. 
Overall my work so far at Pixel8 has been fantastic and I’ve learned a broad range of things. I know I may grumble about using spreadsheets but it has allowed me to learn about analytics and growing your client base. So I’ve learned some practical things but I’ve also been given some lessons in social media – I’ve been given the opportunity to do my own research and the time to build up my own twitter (which I never would have done in my own time) and even though I didn’t quite take to twitter like a duck to water I think I’m finally figuring it out. I am also toying with the idea of starting my own blog (perhaps joined to my tumblr blog) because I’ve found I quite enjoy blogging. I have a lot of passion for many things and I think after just a few days with Pixel8 I can add social media to that list.
But for now it’s time to go home with my sister and I will have an even larger cup of tea than I did yesterday evening.
Gemma x

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