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Pixel8 Work Experience Diary: Day Four

Pixel8 Work Experience Diary: Day Four

Day 4
Hello, I’m back again for the next to last blog. This morning I was doing a lot of reading the news, catching up with current events and generally finding things that I would quite like to start blogging  about on my own blog (which I will get around to setting up soon, I promise).
I had my first ever webinar today (a seminar over the web for those folk who – like me – have no clue what that is) and it was about how to grow your twitter followers from 0 to 80,000. I learnt from this webinar that building up your twitter followers does indeed take time (and lots of it). You have to be interactive with your followers and reply to people who tweet you which does take some time. You really have to invest into your twitter to make it better and if you are an A level student like me finding time to do that can be quite difficult but I’ll give it a go!
Over my lunch break I spent some time on my twitter, tweeting about the webinar just passed and also finding more people to follow. I enjoy finding people to follow; you get to nip around on it saying to yourself ‘ahh, now that’s my kind of person.’ And it’s fun. So this afternoon I’ve had a few little 
notifications telling me people are following me which is fabulous! I also did some university research – not only has Pixel8 opened me up to the idea of digital marketing as a career but I have also found that I would quite like to live in Manchester so I had a look at Manchester Uni and things that I could do in a gap year up here. 
After twitter and Uni research, AJ handed me the task of looking at furniture companies for one of their digital marketing clients and reviewing their websites and social media accounts which helped me to figure out what makes good social media. So that brings me around to answer this question: what makes good social media?
Well I think good social media is something updates regularly with a clear brand/personality showing through, it is interesting and engages with fellow users. These combined will attract more and more interest from other people and, as I keep being told, the more popular something is the better and more successful it is. 
I’ll be back for the final instalment tomorrow. Meanwhile you can follow my twitter  for more updates about my blog and work experience.
Gemma x

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