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Pixel8 Work Experience Diary: Day Five

Pixel8 Work Experience Diary: Day Five

Day Five

It’s the final day with Pixel8 and the last blog. I’m half-tempted to phone my school demanding they give me next week off so I can stay for an extra week because I don’t really want to leave. I think I’m rather going to miss being the work experience ‘gal’.

Today I made a video Q&A with Andy about my time here and how it has gone which you can watch below. I also spent time making a twitter review, looking at how my followers have grown and my engagement with followers has increased – and it’s looking quite positive! I mentioned in yesterday’s blog that I would like to start my own to continue after this week and I have, you can keep up with me at  The reflections of an ink slinger (stay tuned for a blog later this evening).

I thought I had managed to get through the week without making tea for anyone (including myself) but at 11.30 this morning a hurried Jamie asked me to make tea for him and a client. Ahh I can finally call myself a proper work experience girl. I also donated a rather large box of chocolates to the office staff – my apologies for some of the bizarre flavours (apple and cucumber? Sounds a bit exotic for Manchester) but they went down a treat, especially with AJ.

This week has been such a big success for me because (without trying to be cliché) it has been educational and enjoyable. Pixel8 have given me the opportunity to grow my own social media and become more confident when it comes to tweeting and blogging – and I couldn’t have asked for more from this week. I’ve found a career I would like to pursue and a city I would like to live in; I think I hit jackpot coming here. 

Finally – the thank you’s. To AJ for helping me secure this placement, Andy for teaching me to use social media, Roland for helping me understand analytics, Mel for getting me to do useful jobs. Thanks to Laura, Nigel, Andrea, Jamie and everyone else in the office that have made me feel welcome this week – it has been greatly appreciated. I will miss this little office greatly.

So that wraps up my final blog for Pixel8, thanks to everyone who has been reading! Don’t forget to find me on twitter

Goodbye Everyone!

Gemma x

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