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A day in the life of the Pixel8 new guy...

A day in the life of the Pixel8 new guy...

My name is Jacob and I’m the fresh blood at Pixel8, I’m fifteen years old and am currently studying my first year of GCSE, oh the joys… anyway I am here on my work experience and second day in I’m starting to learn the ropes, meet new people and find out that the cupboard with the hobnobs in is the community cupboard, meaning I had a nice second lunch of hobnobs, after my first lunch of a bacon double cheeseburger XL from Burger King, which probably wasn’t far off the size of my head!

I’m not from Manchester so getting used to the way people speak has been… interesting? For example you call tea and coffee brews… and trousers pants… and probably some other things but those are the ones I’ve picked up so far.

Oh I almost forgot, I didn’t mention where I’m from. Well, if you go to Piccadilly Gardens, face south-east, walk for roughly 254 miles and then you will reach my humble abode in Ramsgate, the small seaside town that has a total of 0 things to do. Luckily I have family in Manchester so I don’t have to make the five hour commute into work each day, so instead today I used the extra five hours to do research for a website redesign.

Basically what that meant was I had the job of going through the first two pages of results when I googled, or binged, depending on your preference… Ha-ha I’m joking, the only time people use bing for is if it somehow managed to trick you into selecting it as your search provider and every time you want to search anything you have to type Google into the search box.

I then had the job of doing some ‘cross browser’ and ‘cross device’ testing on a new client website, which took a while and called for a keen eye for detail.

Luckily as I’m new here I could have frequent rests for what I now call ‘brew breaks’ where I go around and ask everyone if they want a brew, or a hot cup of water in Sunil’s case… still can’t get my head around what the appeal is of a hot cup of water.

Anyway, I think I’ve rambled on for long enough now, I’m of home for a nice long nap and to play a computer game, maybe some Watchdogs? Yeah that sounds good to me. See you tomorrow for another one of my brilliantly random blogs!

Stay awesome you guys,


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