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We've added our personal touch to personalise.com

We've added our personal touch to personalise.com


Our designers and web development team at Pixel8 are proud to have launched the redesign of personalised greeting card website www.personalise.com – one of the only sites to offer officially licensed merchandise from One Direction and Cliff Richard, to TV characters and football teams!

The new design provides a clear and simplistic layout that is easy to navigate, and that works as efficiently on tablet and mobile devices as it would on desktops.

But it doesn’t just look pretty, the functionality is pretty special too!

There are 2 search types incorporated into the site. Quick Search sits on the home page and will display results instantly when you type. Whether you are searching for a member of your family or a specific character, TV show or football team, the most popular options will effortlessly be displayed to help you make your choice.

The second is the multifaceted search navigation – this gives you the option to filter down through a number of categories such as age and theme until you are presented with a selection of appropriate products.

With the use of a bespoke Zend framework, we were able to create a super cool and ultra-user-friendly method of personalising your card; adding text to both the front and the inside and previewing your design instantly before you decide to buy.

This functionality also rolls out to their list of calendars, not only letting you add a name to it, but also notable dates such as birthday’s and anniversaries.

That’s not all that Pixel8 and Personalise have to offer. Some new features in the pipeline include:

  • The ability to pull in friends birthdays from Facebook and be sent reminders to buy cards
  • Pre pay accounts offering bonuses on top of your credit
  • The option to upload your own photos to a card

We couldn’t be happier with the finished product, and think the design and dev guys have done Pixel8 proud!


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