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My Week of Work Experience at Pixel8

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Before I started at Pixel8, I was slightly anxious that I would be thrown in at the deep end and not have a clue what I was supposed to be doing. Either that or I'd just be making copious amounts of tea and coffee.

I couldn't have been more wrong though, as I was given a variety of tasks throughout the week to help me settle in and understand the way everyone worked.

I started off looking at Pixel8's approach to social media, assessing this blog and their Facebook in detail, thinking of ways they could both be improved. Browsing different blog pages of different brands and types of companies was really interesting to see how layouts differ and how brands create popular social media pages for themselves. Another task I was given was to source the social media of a number of local restaurants to see how they presented themselves as a brand or if they even used Facebook or Twitter at all.

From Facebook to Tourism, I was also tasked with researching certain tourist destinations for an upcoming project. I got to talk through the information I had found with other people, which is always good for learning to have confidence in your own ideas, especially as everyone was really friendly and enthusiastic.

I spent time helping Matt with some photography of Hotel Indigo's collateral items such as business cards and menus for a brand package, so I was also given a run-through of how all the different creative software such as InDesign and Illustrator worked. Gareth then showed me the process of the Crowne Plaza hotel project, from planning and designs to retouching of the finished images and their presentation. It was interesting to see how much work goes into producing a handful of quality photographs.

I have really enjoyed my week at Pixel8. There is a really good atmosphere within the office and everyone has been really welcoming and helpful. Working alongside different people performing different jobs has given me an insight into the industry and will hopefully help me to pursue a similar career in the future!

Sophie McFegan
Fashion Communication and Promotion student, University of Huddersfield

If you would be interested in placement opportunities at Pixel8 drop us a line through the website, message us on Facebook or Tweet us! We'll see what we can do!

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