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Pixel8 BBC Motion Gallery Facebook campaign

Award winning Manchester agency, Pixel8 has been chosen by BBC Motion Gallery to create social media campaigns to help promote its extensive catalogue of motion image content.

BBC Motion Gallery, part of BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC, offers customers in the creative industries access to the most comprehensive collection of unique motion imagery in the world, spanning natural history, sport, news and more.

To raise awareness within the creative community BBC Motion Gallery commissioned Pixel8 to design and develop a series of Facebook competitions. The competitions offered users the chance to win an iPad 2, by watching unique montages of BBC Motion Gallery footage and answering questions related to the various montaged footage.

The campaign enhanced the profile of the collection as well as showcasing some of the diverse and unique footage offered by BBC Motion Gallery.

Managing Partner, Jamie Watson said, “BBC Motion Gallery is a fantastic resource for the creative community offering amazing video content whilst helping to dramatically reduce the cost of creating TV ads and videos. Having access to the BBC Motion Gallery archive is like having access to a whole world of opportunity and it's our job to tell our peers about it

Paul Maidment, Director of BBC Motion Gallery, added “Our campaign with Pixel8 is the first time we are using social media as a platform to increase our profile and deliver our content to an audience within the advertising community. We feel this has been achieved with this interactive approach.”

The competitions have been developed on Facebook, with Pixel8 creating accompanying email marketing and banner ads for external websites, with this campaign forming part of a larger ongoing partnership between Pixel8 and BBC Motion Gallery.

Pixel8 BBC Motion Gallery Facebook campaign

'PLAY' Facebook Entry Page

[gallery link="file"]

Each of the BBC Motion Gallery RUN, WILD & PLAY Campaign Pages

The contest is now closed but why not take a look at the videos and see if you can guess the answers:

_ _ _ _ RUN - Pause the first film at 00:26 then guess the answer

WILD _ _ _ _ - Pause the second film at 00:37 then guess the answer

PLAY _ _ _ _ _ - Pause the film at 00:46 then guess the answer


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