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Photo Shoot for Crowne Plaza Hotels Worldwide

Photo Shoot for Crowne Plaza Hotels Worldwide

Following our award winning success refreshing the Hotel Indigo brand for IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group) the world’s largest hotel group; Pixel8 were tasked with the overall refresh of the Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts brand, which currently has 388 hotels open in 60 countries. As part of this campaign Pixel8 are supplying all Crowne Plaza Hotels worldwide with new on-brand images for every piece of in house branding collateral. To assist the project we organised and managed a two week photo shoot at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Manchester city centre; conveniently located just around the corner from our studios! Pixel8 executed a global photo shoot in one location. We took over 20,000 photographs using amongst others, 15 models, 3 make-up artists, 2 Middle-East advisors (one of whom advises the United Nations), a food stylist, 2 art directors and 4 photography assistants.

The end result of the photoshoot will be a Pixel8 hosted and managed collateral builder. The images will be used in pre-design and on-brand templated artwork with pre-defined fields that can be accessed online and fully edited by the user to create on-brand and print ready high resolution PDF artwork. Crowne Plaza employees will be able to access the templates and create on-brand artwork from anywhere in the world in multiple languages; all were translated by Pixel8. As Crowne Plaza Hotels are located across the Americas, Asia, Europe and the United Arab Emirates, Pixel8 needed to provide imagery that is relevant and appealing to each region. So, we employed models of appropriate ethnicity and created photographs that are sensitive to indigenous customs around the world, recognizing religious differences and using appropriate dress. We employed specialist stylists and advisors to ensure respectful and accurate representation throughout the campaign. The two week photo shoot drew to a close with a day filming offsite to provide all the leisure imagery such as swimming pools, gyms and golf courses. Cue lots of excuses for the Pixel8 team to speed around the course in the golf buggies!

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