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Pixel8 Managing Social Media for InterContinental Hotels ‘Hotel Indigo’ Brand

Pixel8 Managing Social Media for InterContinental Hotels ‘Hotel Indigo’ Brand

The Social Media Marketing team at Pixel8 in Manchester is pleased to announce that the Hotel Indigo Facebook site, which Pixel8 developed and manages, attracted over 3,600 fans within its first five months; and that Hotel Indigo is generating revenue through both Facebook and twitter. Hotel Indigo, the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) boutique brand, currently has 38 hotels open in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, UK and China and 56 new hotels are in the pipeline. New Hotel Indigos opening in 2011 include Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Saddle Brook, Vancouver, Liverpool, Glasgow and Taipei; future hotel openings include Madrid and Manchester! Pixel8’s Social Media Marketing consultants immediately identified a “pet friendly boutique hotel” niche and used twitter to promote the weekly Canine Cocktails party’s held at several hotels in the USA. The response was excellent! Dog owners around the world retweeted Canine Cocktails event dates and hotel locations, many added great comments, others asked if a Hotel Indigo could open in their city so they could bring their dogs to a Canine Cocktails party! The brand quickly won admiration and generated new business from travelling pet lovers. To further engage twitter followers, Pixel8 developed and managed a series of Free Weekends for Two at Hotel Indigos, giving away free weekends to the first five callers. On each twitter giveaway campaign, the hotels phone lines lit up within a few seconds of the winning tweet.

All the giveaways were completed within ten minutes, and the hotels booked new reservations by offering a special “sorry you didn’t win” room rate! During Pixel8’s development of the Hotel Indigo brand Facebook, which includes a Photo Album, a Notes page, Book Online and links to TripAdvisor reviews for each hotel, the “pet friendly boutique hotel” niche was enhanced with Canine Cocktails photo albums displaying images from the latest events. As Hotel Indigo provides free dogs treats, large water bowls and $3 cocktails like ‘Salty Dogs’ and ‘Greyhounds’, both hotel guests and local residents are more than yappy to attend. To further engage Hotel Indigos pet friendly Facebook fans, Pixel8 suggested and managed a campaign to donate funds to a US pet charity. The campaign included the opportunity to win a Two Free Nights plus Restaurant, Golf and Spa packages at the Hotel Indigo in Miami Lakes. Facebook fans eagerly supported the cause and spread the word to their friends, family and work colleagues; resulting in a $10,000 donation from Hotel Indigo to Adopt-a-Pet.com In addition to creating and managing the content for Hotel Indigo social media marketing on Facebook and twitter, Pixel8 also provides search engine and social media reputation management services for the brand. This allows our client to spend more time doing what they do best! Visit www.facebook.com/hotelindigo and http://twitter.com/hotelindigo


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